Loading cargoes

Loading, unloading, storing and depositing cargoes (including dangerous cargoes). Loading and unloading processes will be performed pursuant to the information presented in the ship’s entrance application. Special storeyards have been provided for storing cargoes in the territory of the port. The port does not have any closed or roofed storage facilities. Storage of cargoes, including dangerous cargoes is subject to the provisions of the respective storage contract. The contract provides, among other things, the obligation to inform about dangerous cargo and the requirements for marking it.

Unloading cargoes

For unloading storage of goods, open area is used for this purposes on the port’s territory. Port does not have closed storage areas or storage areas with roof. Storage of goods is carried out in accordance with the agreement, including the storage of dangerous goods. The agreement provides information and identification of dangerous cargo arrangement. Stevedore works will be performed by Milstrand Oil Terminal (oil products) AS PL Trans (general cargo) or other contractual stevedore company. The port port authority does not have any equipment for loading goods. The cargo handling facilities will be acquired by the stevedore company.

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