Reception of ship-generated waste

The reception of ship-generated waste is organized by the port authority (port control officer) or, pursuant to the agency contract, by the ship’s agent. Reception of cargo residue is organized by the ship’s agent. A ship-generated waste reception and handling plan has been established in the port.

Ship’s waste is all kind of ship-generated waste, except for cargo waste, including sewage, garbage, bilge water, engine room or cargo from the oil and oil-containing waste.

A pollution control plan has been established in the port.

Waste and wastewater

Litter is generated during the normal activities of the vessel of any type of food, household and other waste, which need to be continuously or periodically get rid of, excluding fresh fish and parts or substances.

Sewage adoption is arranged by shipping agent and the owner of the vessel or fishing vessels. Removal is carried out by specialized companies. Mandatory acceptance of the waste does not contain sewage.

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