Concrete open storage areas (19 600 m²)

The area of the Port of Miiduranna is 46,855 m². Of that area the open storage area is 19 600 m², which are covered with concrete. The water area of the Port of Miiduranna is 852,000 m². The depth scale map of the water area of the port is 2M2089 or newer, which indicates the port’s water and land area. The port’s scheme and the layout of navigation aids for navigation and signs is indicated on the scale map 2M2089 or newer and its extract. The map is available at any time in the the port control office.

The port does not provide repair services. The ship’s body repair works in the port area can only be provided by the port’s contractual partners.

Towing capacity 60 tons

The port has a ramp for towing smaller ships to the shore slip. Towing capacity is 60 tons. All the port quays are equipped with electrical switchboards and the energy supply corresponds to international regular requirements. Connecting to communication systems is not possible. Fresh water can only be supplied from quay No 5. The quays are not equipped with stationary bunkering system.

Ph: 605 4314
Fax: 605 4316